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Spellborn FreeToPlay en 2010 !

Ecrit par Fauconnoir, le 30-06-2009

La communauté européenne s'inquiétait fortement de l'avenir du jeu ces derniers temps. Le communiqué de presse de Frogster sonne donc comme un écho à leurs préoccupations : The Chronicles of Spellborn sera Free 2 Play en 2010. Si le développement du jeu reste en grande partie chez Spellborn NV, Frogster Asia Co assurera lé développement de la partie microtransactions du jeu.


Free-to-Play-Version of The Chronicles of Spellborn scheduled for release in 2010

The Chronicles of Spellborn is going go be re-designed into a free-to-play version in conduct of its publisher Frogster. The reorientation of the revenue model will be accompanied by fundamental enhancements of the game-play concept and game mechanics of the innovative fantasy online role-playing game. The further development will be carried out through a joint venture between the developer Spellborn NV and Frogster Asia Co., Ltd in Korea, the Korean subsidiary of Frogster bringing in its expertise in the field of free-to-play and microtransactions.

After the re-development, the current subscription model will be switched to a free-to-play system supported by micro-transactions. This will open the vast game world of The Chronicles of Spellborn with its rich lore and game-play in its entirety without level cap to all interested players. Until then, the European and US American live version of the online world will be operated in its current form via the subscription service. At the point where the new version is released, any unused subscriptions will be credited to the accounts of the respective subscribers.

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